Relax and Revitalise Candles

The Candles have been created to help you cope and manage everyday stress.

Made with 100% vegetable wax of soya, rapeseed and palm. 

No paraffin wax, animal products or beeswax.

Available in the following Aroma:

Tea Tree and Geranium

Promotes a Sense of Balance and a feeling described by pne Client as 'I don't care' 


Helps Clears the Mind and Head.


Brings about Calm and helps sleep.

Juniper and Pine 

Refreshing and Cleansing 


Refreshing and Up Lifting.  Most safest for Use during Pregnancy and for Little Babies and Children.

Lime, Basil and Mandarin

A subtle blend of Uplift providing space for thought and being able to move forward with your feet and mind.

Please do contact Jay on the best Aroma for you.  She's warm to talk to, listens well and guides with an openness. 

Specific Product Details

40 Hour Burning Time 

20cl Glass Pot Boxed with Recycled Paper.

Glass can be re-used when empty.

Price: £9.99 each