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These Talks are essentially organised for the Members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists ( however they are open to all and allow for earning CPD Points and gaining knowledge of specific areas in relation to Health and Well-Being.  Let Us know if you'd like to come.

Let Us know if you'd like to come

Lifestyle choices for the fundamentals of health with Nigel Howitt.

Date:   05/03/2019   Time: 7.30pm

Topic:   If we wish to enjoy the effect that is optimal health, we must enact the appropriate causes. Therefore, we must focus on the gut and the health of our mitochondria. This, in turn, supports the immune system, cell-to-cell communication and our ability to repair and rejuvenate at the cellular level.  This approach necessarily ticks all the required boxes for optimal health through a broad series of inter-relating lifestyle choices. Principles such as proper nutrition, toxicity avoidance, movement and exercise, plus adequate sleep and stress management are combined with other factors such as awareness of the need to carefully manage EMF exposure as well as powerful tools such as periodic fasting.

Business Advice and Support from Wenta, Stevenage, Herts

Date:   02/04/2019   Time: 7.30pm       

Topic:   Meet representatives from Wenta and ask questions about starting and developing your business.

·         How to start your business

·         Where to gain finance and grants? 

·         Free of charge business advice and support available. 

·         Legal questions

·         Free of charge workshops available for you


EFT – (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Tanya Lovett.

Date:   21/05/2019   Time: 7.30pm  

Topic:   Tanya is an Advanced EFT Practitioner with a passion for EFT or tapping.  In this short introductory session she will give you information about the origins of Emotional Freedom Techniques and taster of the science which shows its effectiveness and the breadth of its application.  She will show you how to tap providing you with a self help resource and an insight as to how it can be used to create profound change when used with a practitioner for a multitude of issues.  Come and try out this weird-looking fascinating technique.


Juanita Prescott, Corporate Health and Wellbeing Manager at Stevenage Corporate

Date:   17/09/2019    Time: 7.30pm

Topic:   Juanita talks about the Health and Wellbeing services offered at Stevenage Lifestyles.


Reiki Training


What is Reiki ?

Good Question !  What exactly is Reiki ?  I wish I had a Qualified Scientist to work with me and answer this.  

Reiki is Energy Therapy.  A gentle non-invasive therapy which brings about relaxation and calm.  It is also a journey for you in finding that within.   We often look at things outside of us and rarely link into ourselves.  Similar to mindfulness.  As Sudhguru from the Isha Foundation would say 'Finding that within'  'your chemistry'.  More can be found on the Isha Website and Sudhguru has some inspiring videos

The journey of your Reiki Training will be firstly of becoming more conscious of self and being mindful.  A journey Within.

Secondly,  it will allow you to treat Self, Family, Friends and after completing Level 2 onto Practitioner Level.  Many of my Learners have found it immensely beneficial in their well-being journey and how they cope with stress.

Training in offered on Request basis so if you'd like to take the journey, have a chat with Jay.

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