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Workshops Next Year (2020)

Foot Reading with Jane Sheehan

360° With Jane Sheehan and Angela Telford

360° With Jane Sheehan and Angela Telford


This Workshop originally planned for March 2020 has moved to March 2021 (6th and 7th) - Stay well!


Jane Sheehan is a highly respected person in the World of Reflexology for her Foot Reading!  She appeared on many Media Channels such as Loose Women and This Morning.  She has written books and also Teaches Reflexology.  Her Workshops are super Fun and it gives Jay great pleasure in organising her visits to Hertfordshire.  

Jane Sheehan will be running workshops in Hertfordshire for Qualified Reflexologists.  An indepth two days with Jane will be a great addition to a Therapists' Tool Box

Booking via Jane's site 

Full details are still being set up for March 2021.  

Due to Covid19 working times, please bare with us.  We will, however, register your interest.  Thank you.

360° With Jane Sheehan and Angela Telford

360° With Jane Sheehan and Angela Telford

360° With Jane Sheehan and Angela Telford


October 20th and 21st  2019

Jane Sheehan and Angela Telford (Visual Reflexology) both come together on this 2 day workshop, bringing together the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

This is the first ever Workshop Both Foot Readers have done together.  

Angela is full of Life and will be joining Jane, who is Super Fun!

 You can imagine the Excitement they will create together !

Booking via Jane's site  

When this Workshop was first Launched recently, Tickets started selling fast so make sure you don't miss this one !

Federation of Holistic Therapists Talks /Events


These Talks are essentially organised for Members of the Federation of Holistic Therapists ( however they are open to all and allow for earning CPD Points and gaining knowledge of specific areas in relation to Health and Well-Being.  

Let Us know if you'd like to come.

Venue for all Talks unless stated :  Novotel Hotel, Stevenage, Hertfordshire.  If you Bring a Car and Park this in the Hotel Car Park, Please make sure you register the Number Plate at Reception on Entry to the Building.  Charges apply if you fail to do this. 

We have had some interesting Speakers in 2019 and some Exciting, Informative ones to come in 2020 -

If you are an FHT Member and have a Special request on any Topic areas, Please do get in touch and let us know.

Reiki Training


What is Reiki ?

Good Question !  What exactly is Reiki ?  I wish I had a Qualified Scientist to work with me and answer this.  

Reiki is Energy Therapy.  A gentle non-invasive therapy which brings about relaxation and calm.  It is also a journey for you in finding that within.   We often look at things outside of us and rarely link into ourselves.  Similar to mindfulness.  As Sudhguru from the Isha Foundation would say 'Finding that within'  'your chemistry'.  More can be found on the Isha Website and Sudhguru has some inspiring videos

The journey of your Reiki Training will be firstly of becoming more conscious of self and being mindful.  A journey Within.

Secondly,  it will allow you to treat Self, Family, Friends and after completing Level 2 onto Practitioner Level.  Many of my Learners have found it immensely beneficial in their well-being journey and how they cope with stress.

Training in offered on Request basis so if you'd like to take the journey, have a chat with Jay.

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